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An introduction to the magazine.

I would like to welcome you into a journey of carving out a space for human thought and emotion. We are building a cave, a safe haven, a home.

This aims to be a safe space where difficult conversations can be had. We’ll explore pain and loss and sorrow and joy and despair and euphoria without judgement on others’ experiences but more so reflecting the different manifestations of these emotions and life cycles in a broad and all encompassing way, reported on as they are experienced.

As this space is run by humans, please acknowledge that any view here presented does not claim to be a universal rule but personal truths, and you are welcome and encouraged to share the world as you view it, as long as it’s with respect and regard for others.

Just like this place was pieced together by many past attempts at voicing a world view, our collective experiences will be pieced together, here, to create a comprehensive understanding of the different human experiences and show a picture of humanity as it is, at this moment.

A lot of what you’ll see here is personal. There’ll be shallow thoughts about deep things and deep thoughts about shallow things, all in the hopes of exploring the different nuances of life and living.

“I am too expansive to be limited.”
– E, from @brownkids

This is a space where, by exploring our own self-imposed and perceived limitations we can learn to embrace our limitlessness and become more actively committed to being our most authentic selves and along the way inspire others to do the same, if we feel called to.

A couple of themes will be found here. One is Intentional Living, which summarizes the belief that the moment we start to truly take stock of our lives, repeatedly and consistently, we become more present and aware of each moment and how we impact the world. It’s a belief that contemplation, introspection and reflection are the key to creating a more empathetic and compassionate world, for ourselves and those to come, and that being more thoughtful, conscious and intentional with the choices and decisions we make will lead to a more sustainable future for humanity as a whole.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
– Lao Tzu

The second theme is Slow Living, inspired by the way nature moves, slowly and consistently, always leading to beautiful and useful transformations. The fast pace we as a society have adopted drives us to miss some of life’s best moments and slowing down allows us to reclaim control and enjoyment over the experience we chose to take part in, as humans, on this planet, right here, right now.

It is my hope that you’ll find here a space where you feel safe, seen and heard and that it inspires you to embrace your own expansiveness and live life without limitations.

Inspired by the many humans embracing intentionality and slowness, this is my interpretation of the human experience.


Mena Mairosse
Editor-in-Chief, MenaMena Magazine
January 7th, 2018.

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